Getting Started

Beacon Cop App. Setup To Track Your Beacons!

Once you have downloaded and installed Beacon Cop you will need to start the Bluetooth Service on the phone device. This is done through the device setting on your phone. There will be a icon or menu item to click open the setting on your phone device. If you have purchased Beacon Cop Beacon(s) make sure you install a fresh 3 volt cr2032 coin battery into the battery holder of the Beacon (2 screws to open on back of Beacon).

*IMPORTANT* Installing Each Beacon On Your Phone Device:

Install the batteries one Beacon at a time so you can name each one in the Beacon Cop App. The friendly name of each Beacon is called "SMARTTRAKS". This is the name you will see in your phones device setting for Bluetooth. FYI: If you "Tap to connect device" and then click "Search for deivices" you should see this friendly name under Available Devices. All Beacon Cop Beacons have this same friendly name.

Now change to the Beacon Cop App. and click REFRESH SCAN (this will start a new bluetooth scan from the Beacon Cop App. otherwise you can wait until a new scan starts based on the Apps. Setting), you should now see this Beacon in Beacon Cop. It will have an name like ID:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (see example A. Below) Tap this ID and you will be able to change or add a new name (see example E. below). Give this a descriptive name up to 21 characters.

If you have more Beacons insert the next battery and follow the same procedure as above. Continue this until you have all your Beacons named. Click SETTINGS  in the Beacon Cop App. to change or update the setting you want.

Finally click the "SETTINGS" button in the App. screen. This opens and allows you to check on the Notification Alert and Notification checkboxes. Both of these settings must be check on to receive an audio ALERT if the Beacon goes out of range. Also it's a good idea to set the Out Of Range Max. Count. This consecutive count must be reached before a Beacon is considered missing. Various phone types may not always receive a good Beacon signal even if within range. Walls/trees/metal enclosures may degrade the bluetooth signal. Beacons transmit their signal approximally every 5-7 secs, but signals can be blocked within the receive period in the settings. If you go out of range with the Phone yourself and do not want to be notified of an Alert just check off "Alert Off" checkbox. Then when you come back within range of the beacon and want to start receiving Alerts again click the "Alert On" again. 

There are two(2) basic ways to track and be alerted if a Beacon goes out of range:

1. To track and set the alert for a Beacon, first click on the "TRACK ON" checkbox, then click on the "Alert On" checkbox. Determine and set the Maximum number of "Out Of Range Count" that is acceptable. Example, if you set this count to 4, and you set the "Interval Seconds to "30" an Alert will take place around 120 seconds assumming the Beacon stays out of range for (4) consecutive times. Both "Notification Alert" and "Notification Sound" to receive a Ringtone alert. Also you can set the "Out Of Range Vibrate" if you like.

2. Another way to be alerted if a Beacon goes out of range is to keep a Beacon as NEW. Example, a Beacon is considered NEW until you set the "TRACK ON" checkmark. Looking at our previous setting of "Interval Seconds to "30", you will hear a Ringtone every 30 seconds until you set the "TRACK ON". Of course if the Beacon goes out of range you will NOT hear the ringtone until the Beacon comes back into range. The negative to monitoring a Beacon this way is "TRACK ON" won't be checked and you must have set "TRACK ON" prior to a Beacon going out of range in order to report it as a missing Beacon to Cloud Messaging.

A. Shows a New Beacon that may be yours or one that has just come into your devices range. You probably don't want to turn Track ON unless it is your Beacon. You may want to report this as a found Beacon. If so click this item in the listview until it turns a blue color, then click the "FOUND BEACON" Button and follow prompts.
B. You can set Track ON/Off. Usually you will want to set On if this is your Beacon.
C. You can set Alert ON/OFF to notify you if this Beacon goes out of range. You also need to set Notification Alert and Notification Sound Check-on in the Beacon Cop App. Settings.
D. This image indications the current ambient temperature. A Red image indicates 90 and above Fahrenheit. A Green image indicates 90-32 degrees Fahrenheit. A Blue image indicates 32 and below degrees Fahrenheit. Actual Temperature is also shown.
E. Shows each Beacon name. Tap this to change/add a Beacon Name. Up to 21 characters can be added.
F. This indicates Beacon Cop is active and shows the number of Beacons found during the last scan. Below this is the Bar Chart showing each Beacon found and the dBm strength of the Bluetooth signal. When more then 3 are found only the last 5 characters of the Inital ID are listed below each Bar. You can tap each Bar and more info. is displayed about this Beacon.
G. Opens and displays the available settings for Beacon Cop.
H. Displays each Beacons signal strength in -dBm. Farthest away to closest.
If one of your Beacons goes missing, click this item in the listview until it turns a blue color and click "MISSING BEACON" Button. Then just follow the prompts. You must have set "Track On"  prior to a Beacon goes missing in order to report a missing Beacon.

Note: you must first have Registered to Cloud Messaging. To register click the "CLOUD MESSAGING" button and follow the prompts.