Welcome to The World's Longest Range Beacon

Beacon Cop is a SmartPhone APP that tracks and reports sensors called Beacons using your phones Bluetooth Low Energy conectivity. It has been especially designed for Pet's, Animals and Flock's. The Beacon Cop APP. runs as a foreground service and continually scans for Beacons based on your App. settings. Beacons can be yours or someone else who installed the Beacon Cop App. and has purchased Beacon Cop Beacons.

Beacon Cop Beacons have a long distance range of up to 400+ meters (+1300 ft.) both front and back. Bluetooth Low Energy conectivity is a line-of-site transmission and not in a perfect circle, but more of in a oval shape with longer range front/back rather than side to side.

Each Beacon has a built-in temperature sensor with a −40°C to +125°C temperature range and will display the following image along with the actual ambient temperature. A user will only need to quickly look at each Beacon in the App. to determine the comfort level of their Pet or Animal.

1. ↑90° Fahrenheit and above. (Pet may be in distress!)

2. 90° - 32° Fahrenheit. (Most Pet's comform level.)

3. ↓32° Fahrenheit and below. (May be time to bring in your Pet.)

Temperature accuracy is ±2°C accuracy over the temperature range. You should only use the temperature reading as a guide and never leave a pet in a vehicle during the summer months. An added feature allows you to set a High Temperature in 'Settings' and then be alerted by sound if a Beacon equals or exceeds this temperature. Check 'Help' for this feature.

Beacon Cop also shows a battery level icon for each Beacon. You can look real quick to determine battery level. Normally the 3-volt coin battery (Lithium #2032 replaceable by user) should last 4-6+ months.

Note: During cold weather if the Beacon sensor is outside for an expended period you may see the battery icon change from one color to a lower color. Example: from Green 70-100% to Orange 20-70%. The reason is that the cold will discharge a Lithium coin battery faster, so if your battery is close to the next lower range it may change. However once you bring the sensor back into room temperature it should recover.

1. Battery is 70 to 100% full.

2. Battery is approximately 20 to 70% full.

3. Battery is below 20% full.

The Beacon sensor is a small rugged plastic case designed to be able to attach directly to a key chain, collar, handle, carried in a pocket or anywhere you can attach it. While not completely water proof it is water resistant. It is powered by a 3-volt coin battery (CR2032 replaceable by user) with a life of approx. 4-6+ months.


Note: You can tell which Beacon is the closest and which is furthest away by looking at the -dBm signal displayed for each Beacon in the Beacon Cop App. The furthest away Beacon will have the highest -dBm signal, example: -100 dBm. Likewise the closest will have the lowest -dBm signal, example: -45 dBm. You can also tell if a Beacon is getting closer or further from you device. An up triangle ▲ indicated the Beacon is moving further away, while a down triangle ▼ indicated moving towards your device.

To determine the approximate distance your Beacon is from your device (phone), you can click the Distance Chart button from the Home screen. A new screen will be displayed in graphic form showing the approximate distance in meters from your device. Keep in mind, this is only an approximate distance since trees, walls and other obstacle can increase the actual distance of your Beacon, espically indoors. A more accurate reading will be in open space where nothing can obsure the signal. The Distance Chart  will be continually updated based on your setting for Scan Interval and Scan Seconds. Tap each bar in the chart to get Additional Information on each Beacon!

To purchase Beacons please create a new account (click Log In, then click Register) or if you already registered click Log In to continue. Once Logged In just click the Purchase Beacons menu item.

To learn more about Beacon Cop click the Beacon Help Menu Item  or Use Our Contact Form For More Info!