Cloud Messaging

GoogleCloudMessaging (GCM) enables Beacon Cop to communicate and sent simple messages

A feature of Beacon Cop allows you to report both Missing or Found Beacons to Beacon Cop App. users. In order to be able to do this you must first Register as a Cloud Messaging user (screen A). Do this by tapping the Cloud Messaging button in the Beacon Cop App. You can either register or unregister from the Cloud Messaging. To register enter your full name and a valid email address (you will receive emails with this address) and tap the register button. If you see the 'You Are Already Registered' message, the only action you can do is unregister. Once you register you will not need to do anything else, the registration remains until you unregister, remove the App. or uninstall and clean all the data off your device.

If one of your Beacons goes missing, click this item in the listview until it turns a blue color and click the "MISSING BEACON" Button. Then just follow the prompts. You must have set "Track On"  prior to a Beacon goes missing in order to report a missing Beacon (screen B).

If this Beacon is found by other users of the Beacon Cop App. they have the option to report a found Beacon that is not their's. It may have just wandered into their device range and shows up on their Beacon scan. If this Beacon is missing the owner of the Beacon can be notified both by a notification message appearing on the Beacon owner's device and a email will be send with a map link of where the Beacon was reported found.

When your missing Beacon is found and you are notified you should delete your missing Beacon from Cloud Messaging by clicking the Missing button (screen C) and selecting Delete. This will remove the missing Beacon.

A. Cloud Messaging Sign Up Screen B. Cloud Messaging Missing Screen    
C. Cloud Messaging Found Screen